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Automatic Contact Freezer


ApplicationBlocks of fish, poultry and meat
CapacityUpto 1000 tons/24h
Power supplyCO2, Freaon, Ammonia

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Product description

The Skaginn 3X Automatic Contact Freezer was designed in collaboration with the well-known Samifi freezer. By combining the experience of the Samifi team with our innovative technology, we have created a state-of-the-art contact freezer, ideal for bulk production without sacrificing premium quality. The contact freezers are fully automatic and designed for rapid loading to maximize efficiency and can be set up as an integrated part of the processing line. The freezers come in various sizes with capacity ranging from 5 to 100 tons per 24 hours. The Automatic Contact Freezer is designed to maximize product quality by using patented, non-pressure plate technology which delivers a quality equal to that of blast freezing. However, the contact freezer requires only a quarter of the freezing time and energy compared to conventional blast freezing.

Benefits of Non-Pressure Plate Freezing (NPF)

Results from a study carried out by Matís, the Icelandic public institute for food and biotech R&D, has shown that this new freezing technology has substantial advantages over traditional blast freezing method. The results demonstrate that the NPF method has less drip (2.6%) than the blast freezing method (4%). Furthermore, results show no visual differences between the blast and NPF freezing method


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