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ApplicationFish and poultry
CapacityMax 240 pcs/min
DimensionsCompact design

Ruizhi Intell

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Product description

High speed grading machine with unique hopper individual weighing The system has a maximum capacity of sorting chicken elements up to 240 pieces/m PRODUCT FEEDING Chicken elements are delivered to the conveyor feeding the grader, which transfers the product to linear conveyor. Then the product goes directly to the weighing baskets. Employee controls the feeding process in such a way that individual elements are correctly positioned in the hoppers. SORTING, GRADING AND BATCHING TO A FIXED WEIGHT Elements are weighed individually in each hopper. According to the set parameters, the elements go to one of 6 grades. The machine can be set to sort items on 6 weight categories, matching to constant weight, matching to a given quantity or a combination of these 3 parameters. PRODUCT RECEIPT When the set parameter is reached, the machine closes the buffer bin and the control lamp lights up to inform the employee about the change of the collecting container. Including at the same time, the machine accumulates another portion in the bin. The worker takes the collecting container, replace with the empty one and presses the button that opens the buffer bin releasing collected in meanwhile items.


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