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ApplicationTray wrapping
Technical orderVery good
Year of manufacture2011

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Product description

GALAXY machine has been specially developed to meet market sectors that are demanding a great productivity in fresh product packaging with stretchable film. Their incredible possibilities, their easy operation and cleaning make it the perfect machine to work in Packaging Centres. This machine has a robust mechanics and state-of-the-art electronics, which reflect its great reliability and flexibility to deal with a wide range of trays and products. Completely automatic or manual programmable operation. Double motor-driven coil support with automatic coil changing system. Variable pre-stretching and folding according to tray dimensions. Programmable film length to minimise film consumption. Automatic feeding carriage. Programmable speed according to tray / product. End of film detection for each coil. Error self-diagnose in command panel. Centralised greasing. PVC, polyethylene, SS and polyolefin film packaging. Anticorrosive and easy-to-clean assembly. IP 65 protection degree. According to EC standards


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